Defeats, foolishness, and public rebellion... an indicator of the downfall of the Yemeni Brotherhood

English - الخميس 18 أغسطس 2022 الساعة 06:56 م
Aden, NewsYemen, special:

 After the Al-Islah Party, the local branch of the terrorist Brotherhood in Yemen, failed to control the political and military decision in legitimacy, the scene that shows the organization’s fall towards foolishness and public insults was completed, in a scene described as a coup and rebellion against legitimacy.

The only card left for the Brotherhood is to weaken legitimacy at the expense of the strength of its members and the states they sponsor in Marib and their own areas in Hadramout Valley, which will not take time to collapse, after the acceleration of the victories of the southern forces by securing Shabwa through the Al-Abra road and changing the Brotherhood leaders controlling the military region in the valley.

Therefore, the official Islah party media joined the channels broadcasting from Turkey, "Bilqis, Al-Mahra, Yemen Youth" to attack the President of the Presidential Leadership Council and its members, after the Brotherhood's political and military loss that heralds the end of the Brotherhood era in Yemen.

The journalist and researcher in Yemeni political affairs, Nabil Al-Sufi, demanded to make way for the forces of the southern giants brigades to prepare for the Houthi battles, which is preparing, stressing that Al-Houthi did not withstand, let alone a victory, against the forces of the giants supported by the UAE.

Al-Sufi said, in a tweet, that the Brotherhood are fighters for the organization, living poverty and insistence together, committed to the organization and do not have the sustenance of their day.. and the organization is kidnapped from the merchants of tweets and posts and collectors of jobs and positions, and every new day in which the kidnappers use the fighters for their own battles, the organization falls from within, its defeats deepen and confusion increases.  

Regarding Al-Houthi, he said that before the giants, he turns between a stray and a captive or a slain, and on the other hand, the Brotherhood’s forces have been unable to achieve any victory for 3 years, they just run away and run away and leave the land to Al-Houthi, and Bayhan and Harib are the last evidence.

The politician Saeed Bakran considered that the national forces in the north understood this time the Brotherhood’s ploys and their arrangements with Iran and its agent in Sana’a, so they distanced themselves from standing in their square and missed even the formal solidarity from them. 

All forces and all parties left the Brotherhood in solidarity with themselves, living in unprecedented isolation, and this is an important national and positive indicator.

Regarding the attackers of the Alimi Presidential Council of Command, journalist Ayman Bagash said that most of them have been living abroad since the Houthi coup and serve a foreign agenda that has nothing to do with patriotism, and their mission is to fabricate news and mislead public opinion.

For his part, the political activist, Abdul Qadir Abu Al-Laim, said that the rebellious Islah party and its obscene media knew that Dr.  Rashad Al-Alimi, head of the Presidential Leadership Council, is a first-class security and political man. He knows their details, secrets and methods of work, and he knows who has disrupted the efforts of years of fighting towards Sanaa, and all Al-Alimi is doing now is to correct the course of the battle.