Al-Houthi's sectarian activities.. Using past differences to fuel future wars

English - الاثنين 08 أغسطس 2022 الساعة 05:27 م
Sana'a, NewsYemen:

To historical and controversial occasions, the Houthi militia hijacks state institutions and their jobs in Sanaa and the neighboring governorates.

The militia in Sanaa called for what it described as a wide participation in the commemoration of Ashura on Monday, August 8, 2022 in Sana'a and the governorates under the control of the Houthi militia - the Iranian arm in Yemen.

Strict circulars and extensive directives to expel all employees of government offices and ministries, employees of the executive, judicial and local bodies, members and employees of the Councils of Ministers, Representatives, and Shura Councils, supervisors and their companions, dignitaries, the head of the neighborhoods, and everyone who benefits from the community, to participate in the commemoration of (Ashura) which Shiites exaggerate in celebration in Iran and Iraq.

The Houthi militia is aware of the size of the gap that exists between it and the local communities in its geographical surroundings, including the beneficiaries.  Therefore, delegates of its activities are required to register the participants present face-to-face according to detailed statements for each government agency separately.

The glaring paradoxes are clearly evident between what is assumed and what is established.  When the Houthi militia takes out government service office employees, such as employees of (health - electricity - water) and other institutions of a service nature, to attend events for occasions, events and controversial stories in ancient history books.  At the same time, it confiscates their right to exercise their virtual jobs represented in providing health, electricity and water services to citizens by disrupting and destroying these institutions, looting their assets, confiscating their operating expenses and transferring them to private institutions.

Slogans, terms, and loose enthusiastic phrases such as: (Inspiring lessons in the face of aggression, lifting injustice, fighting tyranny. Sacrifice, redemption and steadfastness, inspiring the revolution in the face of aggression), general guidelines that do not depart from the contents of the words of the activities.  The Houthi militia draws it from stories of the distant past, perhaps due to its need to keep its members and loyalists in a permanent state of war.  Or to distract itself from the issues and obligations of the present.

But these phrases - and in the context of paradoxes - almost completely coincide with the needs of the people, including the crowd themselves, to inspire the revolution - present and future - in the face of employee salary thieves, road robbers, war merchants, looters of public and private property, Ramadan charity thieves, and those who steal food from the mouths of the hungry.