Intimidation and displacement.. The story of the blind “Hajari” and the lava of Houthi shells

English - الأحد 26 يونيو 2022 الساعة 10:30 ص
Hodeidah, NewsYemen, Jalal Muhammad:

“Leaving under the bombing was not an easy thing for me as (a blind person), it was very stressful for my psyche.” With these words, “Hajari” from Hodeidah governorate recounted his departure from his home in Tuhayta under the lava of continuous shelling, Houthi missiles and marches and indiscriminate mortar shells that do not differentiate  Between one, and under its fire everyone is targeted.

Death is the master of the situation

 Terrifying feelings experienced by "Basir Al Qalb" Hajar Muhammad bin Ghaleb during the Houthis targeting his village in Al Tuhayta District, Hodeidah Governorate 2019.  Then he was forced to move to the house of the jurist.  Then, in exile, and finally with the exodus to Sana'a.

 Even huts are targeted 

 Hajari tells "NewsYemen": terrifying moments he experienced when he ran in the street barefoot in search of something from the safety behind him with his family after he was displaced from his (lived) little hut.

It is difficult for him when he is 38 years old.  To forget some of the details of that terrifying night that increased his anxiety and suffering after he was displaced from his house, whose fingers kept the details of all its corners.  When he had to leave for other details and places he knew nothing about.

Hajari said that the idea of leaving under the bombardment and fleeing as a blind person is stressful for him and he feels afraid whenever he remembers those days.

 Forced displacement 

Hajari left for a house he thought was safer, on the outskirts of Beit al-Faqih district.  After one of his relatives suggested the matter to him, and this encouraged him, his children, his wife and his brother to accept.

He described the departure as not an easy matter, as the bombing was continuing in an unfamiliar (house ), which included many children, a brother and his wife.  To constitute a huge burden for the idea of displacement to another governorate.

Hajari was taking his steps, holding on to the clothes of his brother and his wife, who were walking in the same steps to the place where their relative had directed them.  When they arrived, they were surprised by Houthi bombing of the area they wanted to reach.

 Under Houthi fire, everyone is targeted 

Hajari recalls with emotion: "The voices swarmed in my ears, the screaming and crying intensified and I didn't know where to go. Everyone ran in panic. I was barefoot, walking on sand, stones, glass, the burnt remains of nests, and the destruction of some houses."  safely.  And every time I catch my breath for a few moments, my heart returns to pounding violently with the renewed bombardment."

Hajari compares his leaving his home, which he memorizes by heart, to "alienation" from the homeland.  He says, "My needs are lost, my way is lost, and I cannot find safety." 

It is noteworthy that the record of painful memories in Hajari’s life did not start in 2019, but was preceded by a lot of fear and panic with the impact of every missile and shell since the Houthis took control in 2014.

Hajari refuses to mention war.  The sound of Houthi missiles, explosions, and bullets still frightened him.  It is difficult to talk about those feelings that may affect a person with special needs, when death is close to him.  While he is immersed in darkness, he sees nothing.